Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (YDSP) is one of three federally recognized Native American tribes, and the only Pueblo, in the State of Texas.  On the land that has been home to the Tigua people for over 300 years, a destination public plaza and park will be constructed.  The landscape concept for the new development that will someday house the Tribe’s cultural center and health clinic, is to create a vibrant destination for residents and tourists, to spur growth and development, to create a street for pedestrians first that supports all ages and physical abilities, and to promote health through green infrastructure and shade.  The central gathering space is a recessed amphitheater for cultural demonstrations.  The main entrance features a gateway monument of vertical columns of light. Throughout the plaza, three water features reflect the grandeur of the historic Rio Grande River, with a raised, flowing water basin towards the west, flowing into a splash pad spray water feature, then culminating in a slightly recessed “topographic” water feature at the eastern end of the plaza.  Bioswales throughout the plaza and along the street help manage a critical volume of stormwater.  Bold patterns of contemporary tribal pottery patterns provide visual interest at the ground level.


Location: Ysleta, Texas
Client: Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Tribe
Completion Date: 2021


Alvidrez Architects


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Hardscape Design
Landscape Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation / Administration