Maricopa County Courts Plaza

Marizopa County Courts Plaza

The goals of the Maricopa County Courts Plaza is to create a high quality, iconic plaza that enhances the Courts identity, is vibrant and people oriented civic space, and is active both during the day and evening.  As lightrail is constructed along Jefferson Street, the landscape improvements along the street will add shade and seating, and an open, grand staircase to the main plaza.  Since the plaza is located over the parking garage, raised planters with trees and benches will provide places for people to gather in groups or in smaller, more intimate areas.  The south plaza will connect the new Courthouse adjacent to the pedestrian walkway with the north plaza.  This area will feature large bioswale gardens, misters, urban swings and a large mesquite grove to help mitigate climate throughout the year.  To the west along First Avenue, a food truck court will provide food for everyday and for larger events that will be held on the plaza.


Location: Phoenix, AZ
Completion Date: 2022


BWS Architects


Concept Design